Does your child need help with:

Self-esteem and confidence

Concentration and memory

Handwriting, Spelling, Reading or Mathematics

Learning abilities



Sporting abilities



Life Skills

If so, we have a programme to support you in bringing out the very best in your child. We offer workshops in small groups or one-on-one sessions at affordable rates.


Core to any person's emotional well-being and happiness, is their ability to learn in an easy and effective manner. Starchild offers one-on-one Brain Gym® sessions which integrate the senses and stimulate the brain allowing for stress free learning.


Brain Gym® is a non-invasive, drug free tool for any child, teen or adult that requires support with focus, concentration, memory, handwriting, spelling, reading, mathematics, learning challenges, coordination, ADD/ADHD, sporting abilities and motivation just to name a few areas. Brain Gym® is practiced in over 36 countries and has received much acclaim for its success in boosting learning and development and drawing out each person's full potential.

During the sessions simple, enjoyable physical movements are used to enhance one's ability to learn, process information and respond to the world around them in an ease-filled, effective way. Effects of the intergration can be seen almost immediately and are long lasting as new neural pathways are created in the brain.

These sessions take between 30 minutes and an hour and each person is given a short personalized program to follow at home between sessions as well as invaluable tips and techniques on how to learn more effectively.